Thursday, June 22, 2006

I know I'm not the first one to say it, but if this had been a white Republican striking a black Federal Security Officer, this would be in the news everyday. If this had been Rick Santorum who had belted a black, female security officer, there would be no end to the calls from the Left for his immediate resignation. There would have been an investigatory panel launched by Barbara "Eyebrows" Pelosi to discover why the Senator wasn't sitting on death row right now, and more importantly, how was GW Bush involved.
But it wasn't. It was the insane congresswoman from Georgia, and once again, she has played the race card. Oh, not at first. When it all happened she first tried to explain it away, even offering a half-assed apology. As soon as she saw that she might actually be in some kind of trouble, that's when she decided that it was, in fact, herself who was the victim. Why that officer had no right to expect her to stop when asked. And how can she be held at fault for striking an officer in the enforcement of his duties?
And that leads to another interesting question. How exactly does one strike a security officer, and walk away from court without so much as a slap on the wrist? Bear in mind that this was no Mall rent-a-cop, but an officer charged with the security of the Capitol Building, and the safety of the nutjob Mckinney's co-Congressmen & women. Also bear in mind that she never claimed that she didn't do it, only that the officer was in the wrong for "assaulting" her. Also remember that this was not a local county jury who let her off, but the Grand Jury in our Nation's Capitol. This is the same type of Grand Jury that, it is said, a decent prosecutor could use to indict a ham sandwich. And yet, with all of the evidence pointing to the fact that loopy Cynthia struck an officer who was merely performing his duty, they let her walk.
I'm sure that race played absolutely no part in their decision.


Anonymous Ritabadita said...

That card needs to be burned, ASAP!!!

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