Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Blame Game

One year ago Katrina huffed and puffed it's way through the Gulf. All this week we have been treated to the run-up to "One Year Later" or whatever kind of sentimental crappy name the media will run with. They want you to remember the devastation that was all the fault of the Bush Administration. Spike Lee and the rest of the racist conspiracy nuts are once again revisiting the insane theory of the levee's being blown purposely. Bush is supposedly a moron, yet he managed to swim in to the levee's, during a force five storm mind you, lay the explosives and blow the levee's. Through all of this, there will be no mention of the monumental strides that Mississippi and Alabama have made to rebuild after being struck by the same Hurricane. No mention will be made of the recovery efforts by the cajuns in western Louisiana from Hurricane Rita which hit shortly after Katrina. No mention will be made of the inconceivable incompetence of Nagin and Blanco.
One year later and there are still New Orleans residents, mostly 9th warders, who are still living off of the government, pretending to be displaced. One year later the good citizens of Houston are reeling under the impact of their kind-heartedness. Crime rates in Houston have soared, along with the homicide rate. Over 25% of the homicides in Houston have been attributed to New Orleans refugees.
One year later and the best plan that Nagin can come up with is a regurgitation of the previous plan (you remember, use of buses and trains, Superdome used only as staging), only this time, apparently, they really, really mean it. One year later and the media has yet to hold Nagin or Blanco to blame for any of their inactions. Being minorities (female/black) they are above reproach. However, Bush, a white, Republican, male, must surely be to blame. The media refuses to acknowledge the lack of leadership immediately following the storm and the levee breach. They have yet to press for a real answer as to why the buses were not used and left to waste in rising flood waters. They have yet to push for a reason why the Amtrak cars left the area empty, or why the Superdome was used as refuge and not as a staging ground, or why the Red Cross was kept out until it was too late.
The people of New Orleans are quick to assess blame and point fingers at anyone but themselves. They refused to evacuate, and yet failed to prepare for the aftermath of a force five hurricane. They looted and pillaged, destroying property and burning buildings, then they howled in indignation when they were called "looters" and "animals". Their neighbors in Mississippi, Alabama, and surrounding communities were devastated as well, however the difference was that these people rolled up their sleeves and got busy, while New Orleanites (?) cried to any camera they could find "When will Bush come to help us?"
It all boils down to two new words for the 9th warders - personal responsibility. Grow up, be accountable, and realize that government is not there to be your personal caretaker. As for re-electing that asshat Ray "Chocolate" Nagin, I can't help you there. Sometimes you get the government that you deserve.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope the next time you need money for your kid from the government, they spit in your face. You're without a doubt the most callous selfish bastard on the face of the earth.

P.S. you are also a liar. If ever you get your facts straight, let us know.

11:59 PM  
Blogger Dockman said...

Damn, and here I was hoping to retire on all the money I get from the government!
PS, asshat, where did I lie exactly? I'm betting you don't have the balls to back up your asinine accusations. Why else would you be "Anonymous"?

1:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm. Dockman, that first post sounds like someone we all know. Just the namecalling alone is enough for me to know it's....DAN!!

5:46 PM  

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