Monday, October 09, 2006

Shuffle up and deal

So you like to watch the World Series of Poker and other poker tournies? Think you might bone up online and gain enough experience to break in? Or maybe you just like to play and win a little extra cash? Well, you can kiss it goodbye if the Senate and House have their way and the President signs the new ban into law. What's that? You haven't heard of the new ban? Of course you haven't. It's not like this is as sexy as a perv Senator IM'ing young boys. While everyone has been watching Entertainment TV or Deal or Who Cares, your elected officials have been making decisions for you again. Once again they have decided that as adult, taxpayers, you have no right to decide how to spend your own money. This bill is just awaiting a signature and another harmless pasttime hits the skids.
The ban will not stop internet gaming, they don't have that kind of power, seeing as how the sites are almost exclusively offshore. However, they can stop you from getting paid in the US. Or from even signing up in the first place. What this seemingly harmless bill does is make it illegal for YOUR BANK to process any payments to betting sites. "So what? It'll stop parents from squandering away the rent payment, or grocery money". Go back and read the prior sentence. They are making it illegal for YOUR BANK to process payments for something with YOUR MONEY. If that doesn't worry you then go ahead and drink the Kool-aid, Guyana boy. I'm sure that nothing could go wrong with this plan. The federal government does not belong in your bank account. If you are a tax evader or a drug dealer, then maybe, but they still need to go in front of a judge for a warrant for that. With this bill they can just tell your bank not to allow you to gamble online. Oh, wait, I almost forgot. The bill doesn't include internet betting on Horse Racing or lotteries. Why? Why do you think? The states get their cut of these activities, and not from internet poker or casino games. Now is it starting to sink in? They (mostly Republicans led by Frist) could not give a rat's ass if you lose the electrical payment on the horses, as long as they get their piece. If these asshats cared one bit, then they would ban ALL gaming and stop pretending that they are taking the moral high ground on your behalf. I'm a Conservative, but I'm also a realist. Let them win this and who knows where they will go next. R-rated movies, fast cars, porn, liquor (we all remember how well that worked)? Pick your favorite hobby and imagine Congress banning it unless they received some kind of revenue from it. I'm laying down odds that we are opening a Pandora's box with this one. Any takers?


Blogger Mark LaFlamme said...

I'm the worst poker player in the world. I get invited to the table all the time because I suck so bad. I pretty much gave up the sport. And I STILL think this manuever is bullshit. Trying to regulate gaming at the personal account level sets a way bad precedent. I'm tempted to go back to my old system of keeping my loot in a coffee can.

2:07 PM  
Blogger Dockman said...

I'll have to remember to invite you to my game. I can always use the money

11:53 PM  

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