Monday, July 10, 2006

Obrador sore, just like Gore

An election is held. One that will shape a country for years, if not generations, to come. Rhetoric and drama are big throughout the campaigns of both candidates. The people have spoken, the votes are tallied. A winner is declared. Does the loser concede gracefully and step aside to allow his country to move on in a hopefully better direction? No, of course not. He decides to contest the ballot counting, haughtily proclaiming that he must have won and the count must be wrong. Allegations of voter fraud are rampant, and a country's future is placed on hold for the theatrical tantrums of an adult who can't behave as a grownup.
Is this Al Gore of the 2000 election? Sadly, no. It's Andreas Manuel Lopez Obrador, the Mexican Liberal candidate for President. Of all the amazing technological and cultural exports the US has to offer, the only thing the liberal left in Mexico has picked up on is the inherent right of leftists to cry like a girl when they lose to a Conservative opponent. Instead of redoubling their efforts to try and win the next race, Obrador has pulled a Gore-esque move and challenged the validity of the vote count. When will liberals, of any nationality, ever understand that their leadership thinks the rest of us are buffoons, incapable of thinking for ourselves?
Obrador made the mistake of believing that the Mexican electorate was as simple-minded as they are poor. His promises of free utilities and gas, of 20% raises in pay and pensions sounded good. That is until the opposition party, PAN, explained how much debt the country would incur in order to fulfill those promises. With a steady rate of growth over the last few years, the last thing the Mexican citizens want is a return of the miserable 70's & 80's. Jobs are increasingly available and better paying, incomes are rising, and poverty is shrinking. Don't misunderstand me, they have a long way to go. But in the eyes of those who have lived through the abject poverty and squalor of the post peso-crash years, the present day Mexico is a paradise.
Now if only Obrador would go on his post-election-blues-grow a beard and gain 40 pounds-pub crawl and allow his country to get get back to the business of pulling itself into the 21st century. He could always go on a speaking tour, right Al?