Saturday, April 29, 2006

Just Ranting

So Monday will be our factual "Day without a Mexican". I can only hope that employers who lose business due to employee no-shows have the cojones to fire the asshats on Tuesday. Leaving your employer in the lurch to protest the government's decision to finally treat criminals as criminals is about as close to screaming, "Please fire my dumb ass!" as you can get. When will these libs and victo-crats in America finally understand that ILLEGAL ALIENS HAVE NO RIGHTS!!! They are not being discriminated against. They are not being persecuted. They are not being singled out. They are getting exactly what they deserve which is to be treated as a criminal. But of course the media has portrayed this as a huge movement with a tremendous groundswell support, neglecting the fact that 82% of those polled last week by USA Today did not support amnesty, and did support the classification of felon being handed out to illegals. Of course it doesn't help that Sensenbrenner's motion is not being fully supported by fellow Republicans, including Senor Bush. If they really want to boycott and show how we need them more than they need us, I would submit that they put their money where mouth is. Take the day off of work, school, whatever. Don't buy anything "Gringo", but also don't accept anything "Gringo". That would include Food Stamps, Welfare, medical treatment, housing subsidies, police or fire protection, etc. What's that, no hablo? That's what I thought.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The taxman cometh

"The power to tax invlolves the power to destroy" - John Marshall
"No nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity" - Rush Limbaugh

Tax day has come and gone and once more there has been no mention in the mainstream press about the compete lack of real tax reformation by our elected representatives. They talk a big game, they just never follow through. What we need is a good old-fashioned tax revolt. You do remember the last time in this country when we revolted over taxes? Guys dressed as Indians, something to do with tea and Boston, ring a bell? Hell, our country was practically forced into the revolutionary war by people PO'd about taxes. How times have changed. Now no one will rise up in defiance of the IRS for fear of the knock on the door late at night by the auditing boogeyman.
I believe the problem is that most people don't actually realize that the tax money being spent by the bloated beauracrats in DC is, in fact, their money. As long as they "get back" a pittance every year why should they care. The Income Redistribution Service (IRS, get it?) receives more and more of their monies from less ands less of the population and the reaction is typical. "As long as I'm not paying ..." The libs in Congress have done their job well. By making everyone feel entitled ( through the use of deductions such as the laughingly titled "Earned Income" Credit), and promoting a class envy on the topic of taxes they have lulled the American people into believing that the present tax system is fair. How dare those rich people moan about paying their fair share in taxes?!
I don't know what the answer is, but I do know that we need to end the muggery that has been taking place for way too long. The US Constitution expressly prohibited the taxing of income, it took the passing of the 16th amendment to actually enable the government to legally take your money. Since then the tax code has changed and grown into the out-of-control monster that it has become. The newly revised code is the size of a small child and makes about as much sense. What is needed is not a revision of the existing system, but rather an entirely new system. And the first step is to abolish the existing system entirely. Scrap the IRS, the 1040's, the Schedule C's, and most importantly, the 16th amendment must be repealed. It, like Prohibitons "Noble Experiment" amendment, has failed.
So what do we replace it with? Obviously government cannot exist without revenue, and so there must be a replacement. Myself, I am partial to the Fair Tax Act ( that's I think it taxes everyone fairly and removes the fallacy of the rich not paying their share. Everone gets taxed through consumption and at the same amount. Embedded taxes are gone, causing goods and services to be available at lower prices. The high cost of compliance is removed saving billions on Corporate America who can now use that money elsewhere instead of passing that cost onto the consumer. And best of all, you receive your ENTIRE paycheck. No more after-taxes paycheck. What you earn, you keep. You decide what taxes to pay at the cash register. Compliance falls to one group, retailers, who receive a percentage for their troubles.
Whether Fair Tax, Flat Tax, or some combination, the system will not work unless, as previously stated, the existing byzantine system is scrapped, and, more importantly, the Congress realizes that the spending growth is out of control and curtail their desire to spend us into oblivion. Now, if you'll excuse me, someone is pounding at my door.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Live Free or Die

As I write this I am enjoying a nice Onyx Reserve Maduro cigar and playing some online poker. And winning. I'm very good at poker. Ok, I'm pretty good. Foxwoods Poker Room is my Disney World. Back before poker became so famous it was nice to sit in on a game for half a day and enjoy a few good cigars while playing. Now that everyone believes that they are WPT-level players, there are too many people to allow smoking anymore. The casino bowed to pressure, and I can't totally fault them. But it still sucks.
State after state has been caving to the anti-smoking Nazis. Fourteen states and numerous cities and towns have instituted differing degrees of smoking bans recently. First in public areas like malls and libraries and work spaces. Not pleased enough with their victory, they next set their sights on bars and restaurants. In the states where they had already pushed smokers outside this wasn't a tough sell. California and New York went first, the rest of the lib wannabe states followed in their role models footsteps. Now some are pushing for a ban within certain areas around bars and restaurants, in your car, and even in your home (for the children!). Last month, Calabasas, California went so far as to ban smoking in ALL public areas, indoors and outdoors.
Not so in the Granite State. This month they rejected a ban on smoking in bars and restaurants. It was by a narrow margin (12-11), but it was a defeat for the Pleasure Police. The Governor, Democrat (surprise) John Lynch, had already stated that if it had passed he would have signed the bill. The house had earlier, easily passed the bill, leaving it up to the State Senate to step up to the bat and preserve the rights of business owners. There are numerous smoke-free establishments in New Hampshire, yet this is not good enough for those who know what's best for you. Kudos to the NH Senate for standing up to these pretentious blowhards.
But, don't breathe that sigh of relief yet. The Pleasure Police have announced that the bill will be reintroduced next year. Which means that it will become an annual struggle until it finally gets passed. Why not introduce a bill limiting the time frame between a proposed bills defeat and it's re-introduction? Or better yet, head these asshats off and propose a bill allowing the free choice of proprietors to determine whether or not to allow smoking in their establishments? There's a revolutionary idea, allow the owner who pays the bills and knows what type of customer he has, needs, and wants in his establishment, to make the decisions as to how to run his own business! It's too crazy and will never work. Or a simple bill baning the postiting of bills that limit freedoms of the individuals? Just a thought.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Just venting

This is exactly what Rumsfeld should be telling the media. So now there are a few retired generals (not capitalized on purpose, these asshats don't deserve it) who believe that Rumsfeld should resign. Well guess what general? It's not up to you to say who stays and who goes. It's not your call on how a War is executed. It's not your call as to whom the President names as his Sec Def. Your only reason for existing until you retired was to follow orders. I'm sure as a general you had some input on strategy, but I'm betting dollars to doughnuts they never asked your opinion on presidential Cabinet positions. I'm also guessing that part of this is more of the same old media bias. Retired genereals don't get interviewed on the mainstream media news shows unless they have a derogatory position against the current Republican leadership. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed the dearth of retired Generals in support of Bush being recognized by the likes of CNN, or CBS.
Duke lacrosse team
This is one of those cases that drive me insane. Nothing has been proven yet, and still the media jackals have already tried and convicted these young men. Now Jesse "The Extortionist" Jackson has opened his huge versification-hole and announced that his gang, er, group, will pay this woman's tuition at UNC, even if her allegations prove false. Now I don't know who is telling the truth in this case, but if it turns out that the stripper is the one lying, don't you think rewarding her with a full-ride at UNC seems a tad odd? You don't think the good Reverend is preening for the media a bit do you? I know Jesse, why don't you take care of your kids, legitimate and otherwise, and shut the fuck up? Why not try that? Or better yet, why not do like the rest of us and at least wait until a verdict is rendered before deciding that automatically the white man is the evil one? I don't know a lot about the machinations behind the scenes on this case, but usually one needs to wait for the Grand Jury to at least indict someone before trying the case. If these boys assaulted this woman, then they should pay the price. However, if the woman is lying, then she should not be rewarded. I wonder how the contributors to Jesse's scam, I mean , organization, feel about how he's spending their contributions?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Holiday misunderstanding rant

So, Jesus Christ, the Jewish messiah, is put to death by crucifixion, body tossed in a cave, and three days later rises from the dead. The only person, by the way, ever written about to rise from the dead and not immediately start eating the brains of the living. Anyway, so he's back from the dead, and to celebrate, the Easter Bunny gives us chocolate and hides brightly colored eggs. I don't get it. Or at least I didn't used to get it. I think I figured some of it out. Apparently this bunny is actually an extortionist and uses threats and actual violence to be included in the Easter celebration. I'm guessing that licensing and copyright fees must make him enough money to not have to work the rest of the year. Click the Easter Bunny link to the right and watch the Easter Bunny video. Go on, I dare you. It's safe to watch. Just not very Eastery.
Cute cuddly bunny my ass! And don't even get me started on that fat guy in the red suit and his Columbian cartel connections. Or the Pine Tree Mafia who has convinced us to chop down live trees and replant them, temporarily, in our living rooms to celebrate the birth of a Savior. Are we really that gullible? No really, Christ was born to save us all from our sins and to mark the occasion we'll hang lights on a dying tree and nail our socks to the fireplace mantel. Then later we'll eat tons of turkey and get into a drunken argument with our unemployed, liberal Democrat brother-in-law. Just like Joseph and the wise men. Or was that Wiseguys?
Oh, and don't forget to pay your taxes.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Once more on Illegals

This is what happens when you protest against the protesters. This photo was taken in Portland, Me and shows Robert Gorman being led to an ambulance after being struck by what police believe to be a local high school student. Gorman and another man were holding up signs that read "Illegals go home", and Gorman's sign reading, "No rights for illegals, honk, no hate." Gorman was exercising his rights as a legal citizen, peacefully, and paid the price for doing so. As is becoming more and more prevalent, taking the side against liberals is proving to be dangerous. Mr Gorman was struck and left bleeding. Had he been on the other side of the issue there would have been a hue and cry throughout the media to bring those responsible to justice.
The whole topic boils down to just one question; "How do you define ILLEGAL?" Most dictionaries define the word illegal as something prohibited by laws or official rules. What is going on now is a debate over whether to further criminalize an already illegal action. No one in Congress is advocating the deportation of LEGAL immigrants, but if you listen to the protesters and their liberal shills, you would almost believe that. By clouding the issue and making it about something else, they have swayed the mindless myrmidons against the real truth of the issue. They have effectively changed the topic to keep the masses from pondering the idea of making illegal actions legal. Unfortunately, it's a tactic that all too often works, right OJ?
The asshat Ed Schultz on his radio program yesterday pulled a statistic out of thin air stating that 40% of the illegals here now, entered the country legally. They merely stayed when their visa expired. Well guess what Ed, that makes them here illegally, and therefore reduces them to the state of criminal. The Senior Murderer from MA came out of his alcoholic stupor long enough to declare that 50% of the illegal males in the country have jobs. Well, isn't that special. Dahmer, Gacy, Bundy, they all had jobs too. And yet they are all still criminals.
But fear not my brethren, and falter not. The left shall not be allowed to distort and lie forever. There are people watching now, people such as you paying attention to the real underlying issues and how they will affect us and ours. People like Robert Gorman standing up for what he believes in. Bloggers writing and talk radio hosts talking, local papers becoming less and less liberal and actually reporting and editorializing right of center. With any luck the people will wake up and realize that illegal means illegal.

Monday, April 10, 2006

As I write this there are tons of assholes/criminals taking to the streets of New York and California, and elsewhere to protest. What are they protesting you ask? They are protesting the idea that a sovereign nation, built on the rule of law, has the sheer audacity to expect those wishing to enter this country to abide by it's laws. They are protesting the fact that they are not allowed to drive legally in the country whose laws they are violating. They are protesting that tax-paying citizens are tired of providing free healthcare, schooling and food for those who are not here legally. And apparently they are protesting that this is actually their country, and that we are the illegals.
What I don't understand is why the INS and Border Patrol are not using this mass gathering as a mass deportation exercise. Allow them to protest, just ensure that the protestors are here legally and not violating any of our laws. Show a valid visa or green card or out you go. And once deported while protesting, they are banned from re-entering under penalty. What penalty? How about the same penalty that their homeland imposes on Guatemalans trying to enter into Mexico illegally? Or Hondurans, or Salvadorians? Too harsh? Not for Vincente Fox. And I've always believed in the maxim," Do unto your illegal neighbor, as he does unto his".
So, what can we do? First we have to stop pretending that these criminals have a legitimate complaint. We have to understand that there is a difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration. We have to force our elected representatives to stop kowtowing to potential voting blocs and uphold their sworn duties to protect their legal citizen-voters. We must have them stop referring to these criminals as "Undocumented Workers", and "Guest Workers" and call them by what they are, "ILLEGAL ALIENS". We must enforce the rules that are already on the books, and add new ones to penalize those breaking the law. Provide harsh and stiff penalties for those hiring illegals. With out the jobs being provided, the influx of illegals will slow. Then we need to stop providing all social welfare to illegal aliens, with possibly the exception of emergency medical treatment. We need to address the 14th amendment to prevent these illegals from coming over to have an "anchor baby". The 14th amendment was designed to ensure the speedy absorption of former slaves into our citizenry, not to allow the bastardization that is happening now. Then we need to vigorously patrol our borders with the mandate of keeping them secure from all intruders.
Lastly we need to put Vincente Fox on notice that we will no longer tolerate his countries actions regarding the approach they take to illegal border crossings. We need to make clear to him that further violations will result in sanctions, economical, political and possibly military actions to prevent further problems. Hey, I can dream can't I?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

As my first post to this blog I would like to welcome anyone who stumbles into here. I will be posting here as often as I can and welcome any input. I am a Conservative, not necessarily Republican, and most of my views will show this. I am also a bit of an Asshole and, again, most of my posts will also show this. I love a good argument, especially when the other side is representd by facts that they believe to be true. I will admit when I am wrong, just don't expect for me to actually BE wrong (see, told you I was an Ass). This blog is all about my being able to rant and to have fun, don't take yourself or this blog too seriously, and have fun. Life's too short to be an Ass-hat.