Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Same Sh*t, different year

So it's a new year and yet, many things have not changed. For starters I am about 3 months behind on posting. There was one big change. The Dems now control both houses of Congress. But with the way the Republicans have been acting and spending, well, some things never change. So, with that said, here's a list of a few things that continue with little change.
1. That damn Bush Economy - According to the libs the economy is in the crapper and getting worse. We are on our way to a new depression-era and the only thing that will stop it is to repeal the Bush tax cuts and take more of their money out of your incompetent hands. I mean really, who would know better how to spend your money? Them, or you? What they still can't explain is how we have the most improved growth ever. They can't explain how an economy this bad has unemployment at almost historical lows. The US has the strongest economy the world has ever known. Ever. The Dems are starting to come around though. Since they won the House and Senate the media has begun to grudgingly acknowledge the strength of our economy. You don't suppose it's because they now want to take credit for it do you?
2. Global warming -or- "Hot enough for ya?". Texas is hit by an ice storm of biblical proportions, shutting down a 300 mile stretch of I-10. Over 5 feet of snow blankets Colorado. The San Joaquin Valley is blasted by subzero weather destroying billions of dollars of citrus. And yet they can't stop crying about how "We" (that means you and I, not the elitist snobs driving their Prius's/Priusi/Priuseses) are causing the Earth harm by having an industrialized, capitalist society. "If only the means of production were shut down and the means of transporting that production were shut down, the Earth would be saved". The thing they fail to mention is that their proof of these ridiculous claims are based on the worst junk science and computer models that only work if coerced to produce the right figures. Weren't these the same asshats who, in the '70's, wanted to melt the polar ice caps to prevent an impending new Ice Age?
Illegal Aliens (and no, I don't mean undocumented workers) - Debate still rages about what to do about the invasion from the south. Approval was given to erect several hundred miles of fencing along our southern border. However, that still leaves about three times as much still open. Now comes the fight to see if it will ever actually be built. I'll give you a hint - don't hold your breath.
Two Border Patrol agents shoot a man fleeing towards the border after being caught with a couple of hundred pounds of doobage in a van. Is the illegal drug smuggler in jail? No. Dead? No. He was offered immunity to testify against the 2 agents who now face 12 years in prison. Meanwhile, the douchebag, I mean, plaintiff, has been caught yet again smuggling herb across the border. Ah, now he's in jail, right? No. Again, he has been offered immunity. Meanwhile, the 2 agents have been denied release on bond while appealing their sentence. That seems fair. It also seems like business as usual.
Minimum Wage - I am a firm believer that upon being sworn in as Senators or Representatives, our congressmen should then be whisked off to Camp David to attend an Economics 101 course. That way they couldn't pretend to be so ignorant about the policies they try to enact. We live in a free trade society and the market should decide the going wage for a given job. For most employees it does just that. 1/10 of 1% of Americans work for minimum wage, and of those, only a minute handful are not among the groups traditionally working for minimum wage - teens entering the work force, and those working a secondary job. The rest of those working for $5.15 an hour are those who deserve it. On average, most employees are given a raise after approximately 6 months and move up from there. People gain experience and move on to better paying positions or jobs. They make themselves more marketable by acquiring skills that employers are looking for. The minimum wage was never intended to be a wage one could sustain a family on, and it was never meant to be a lifelong wage. it is a BEGINNING wage. But now the libs have decided to make us pay for the "right" to a "liveable wage".
Since it only effects companies with more than 15 employees, I am exempt from their tactics. However, I have never paid anyone who works for me anywhere near the minimum wage. I pay an amount that is commensurate with the skill set I need to get a job done.
Nancy "Eyebrows" Pelosi is the major proponent of this legislature. I'll give you two guesses as to who enacted the first loophole to exclude the largest employer in her districit from this extortion. That's right, "Eyebrows" herself.
Well, that's enough for now. I'll get to each of these individually as soon as possible. One of my resolutions was to post more regularly. One of my others was to stop drinking the coffee creamer straight from the tap at the local gas staion/coffee stop. I'm not telling which one though. I'm also not sure which resolution will be broken first.
Hal Borland once wrote, "Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us." Let's pray that he was right.


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Dammit, man. I get all worked up to come in here and write something scathing (I'm still bitter about the Morrison dig) and you're writing political stuff way over my head. To avoid making a fool out of myself, I just keep it simple: You're wrong, you're dead wrong.

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