Monday, November 10, 2008

First choice, no Change

Barack Hussein Obama's first choice to start his cabinet picks should be a hint of what's to come. As Chief of Staff he picked Illinois crony, Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel's CV shows that change is not going to come in the form of the messiah's team. Bubba appointed Emanuel to Freddie Mac board. A Bubba appointee, not off to a good start. Emmanuel served on Freddie's board during the time when billions of dollars were misrepresented in profits in order to make the firm look better to investors. This was, many believe, the downward turn that brought the housing market crashing down, requiring a &$700 BILLION bailout from the taxpayers. The entire board that Emmauel sat on was criticized by the oversight group (OFHEO) in 2003. They also stated in their report that the board had been apprised of the suspect accounting tactics but "failed to make reasonable inquiries of management."
Now Emmanuel states that as Chief of Staff "he will work with President-elect Obama and his economic advisers to help ensure we protect taxpayers and homeowners." (quoted from Emmanuel's spokesperson). Where was his desire to protect the taxpayers and homeowners when it was his ONLY APPOINTED DUTY??? What exactly did he do while on the board of Freddie Mac? Apparently enough to rank him 10th on Freddie Mac's political campaign contribution list. Nacy Pelosi, ranked 7th, has assured Emanuel that there will be no investigations. BHO, the chosen one, ranked 2nd, only behind Dodd.
A bubba appointee who served under bubba (no pun intended, as far as I know) for 6 years as a top advisor. Known throughout DC as a tough "brass knuckles" and "sharp elbows" Chicago style political enforcer, this is who BHO has chosen as his first agent of Change. So much for that idea.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

And so it starts

The people have spoken and apparently they have spoken with a drunken slur. The ignorant masses who vote on a whim instead of how it might best serve their country have elected a Socialist to run a Capitalist-driven country. Not just any country. Arguably the best country, unarguably the most powerful country ever on the face of the Earth. We are at a crisis juncture in our history and we need leadership of tested strength. The global economy is teetering, ours is on the brink of a new depression. Russia and Putin are feeling their oats again, working off of a new economy based on energy. We are in the midst of a world wide war on terrorism with our two fronts being Afghanistan and Iraq. The housing market is in shambles, and Wall Street is throwing fits. The leadership we got, however, is in the form of an inexperienced "community organizer" whose only skill is apparently campaigning for office. He truly believes that he can tax this country into prosperity and that we can rebuild our economy from the bottom up. He has blinded the lemmings by promising them money that someone else has to work for. His income redistribution schemes have the lower (non-taxpaying) quintile drooling over the thought of not paying for gas or making their mortgage payments. They believe that a candidate should be elected solely due to the color of his skin, using the twisted logic that "it's about time for a blck President". Not that it's time for a President with clear and elaborate goals on how to best serve. The same group that cries that poll lines are too long, or that ballots are not easily understood, condone the appearance of Black Panthers wielding nightsticks in front of Pennsylvania polling stations.
Of course you can't criticize the messiah or you will be labeled a racist. Skinny is a racist term when applied to Obama, but not to Calista. Socialist is a racist slur, and so is any other term used to describe his ridiculous policies. His campaign throws reporters off of his tour who dare to ask tough questions. He has lawyers issue cease and desist orders to tv stations running the anti-Obama ads by the NRA, threatening the stations with legal action. He cuts off two tv stations from future interviews for asking Biden tough questions. This is your President-elect. he has already made his distaste for the Constitution and shows it with his contempt for the First Amendment when it applies to his presidential aspirations. The First. The Founding Fathers thought it so important that they enumerated it as the first in line of given rights. Not rights given by man, or governments. Inalienable rights that all men possess. And your rock star treads it underfoot like so much garbage.
For the most part Republicans, Conservatives, Independents, Libertarians, are all taking the high road. They voice their displeasure with the election but state that they will give their support and respect to the new President-elect. A peaceful transition of power is the hallmark of a truly free society. I don't fall into that category. Have we forgotten the lesson the left gave us on the defeat of the blow hard liar Al Gore in 2000? Bush started his Presidency with the national media questioning his "mandate", and continued to hound him until after 9/11, when I think they all let out a sigh of relief that Gore was nowhere near the White House. Now they want us all to believe that a 4% victory is a mandate and that we should all play nice. Fuck them and Fuck playing nice. I am so tired of the media spinning this charlatan into some pied piper who is going to magically rid us of all our problems. it is going to be up to bloggers, and talk radio to keep the truth alive. The media has already proven where their loyalty lies and it is not in the truth about Obama. If they were interested in the truth they would have long ago exposed him for the impostor he is. Any Republican candidate with the baggage that Obama brings with him would never have made it out of the primaries. Especially any white male Republican candidate, although they tried their damnedest to discredit Governor Palin. How dare a woman with more experience than their savior have the audacity to claim she was a Republican!
Everything about the man screams for an in depth investigation, yet if you question anything you are labeled a racist and a crazy neocon. Ties to Domestic terrorists? Why he was only 8 when they bombed and killed. Ties to ACORN? Pay no attention to those huge sums of money he pushed in their direction. You also can't question his ties to Khalidi, a known spokesman for the PLO. Or his 20 year infatuation with Jeremiah Wright, a man he claimed to have the most influence over him. Year after year of listening to racist, anti-American rants that apparently he didn't actually hear. And don't question his ties to Rezco, Odinga, or his illegal alien aunt that we are paying the rent for.
Worse than his associations is his stated policies. Well, not really policies so much as a Socialist wishlist and a deathknell to Capitalism. Income redistribution on a grand scale. Not the New Deal, the Screw Deal. All of his promises have one thing in common. He can't carry through on any of them. The President can propose, he can veto, and he can sign into law. What he can't do is spend one red cent. For that he will need the help of his Democratic-led Congress. He can't give you a job, he can't fill your gas tank, he can't pay your mortgage. And the myrmidon on the left just ate it up.
I will do what I can, little though it may be. I hope the word gets out. I hope that the people come to their senses. I hope that the Republic can withstand this affront. I hope that the greatest economical experiment ever is able to recover despite the attacks it is about to undertake. I hope that the Congress will remember who they are elected to represent. not much of a chance, but I hope.